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Invention Expert Brian Fried Offers Expertise Through Inventor Class Program

The global pandemic has forced many to turn ideas into reality. Brian Fried, known as the Inventor Coach, is giving away the secrets to turning ideas into products with Inventor Class…

A Licensing Primer for Inventors

By Brian Fried,
Inventor Liaison,
Licensing International

Did you dream up and develop a great concept for a new tool, housewares product, novelty item, toy design, sport or exercise product? What now?

Licensing International Introduces, Inventor Liaison - Brian Fried

We are happy to introduce our new Inventor Liaison, Brian Fried. Brian will act as a resource for the independent inventor and the licensing industry to educate, connect and/or match new innovative products with new and/or established brands.

My Pull Ties Invention Celebrating 10 Years!

From QVC to various retailers including Walmart and now available in Home Goods, Home Sense, TJ Maxx and Marshalls!

Inventor Showcase Long Island Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club In Farmingdale, NY

Brian Fried Organized an Inventor Showcase at his Long Island Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club in Farmingdale, NY with 20 inventors presenting their ideas to an audience of about 125 people.

Brian Fried is a guest judge on

Everyday Edisons

Everyday Edisons launching February 2020 on Amazon Prime. Stay tuned for which episode Brian will be reviewing 3 inventors products on the show!

Upcoming Events

APRIL 2020
Invention Summit in Las Vegas
January 15th, 2020
Brian Fried will be a guest on Inventor Show
January 25th, 2020
Philadelphia PA – PENN Museum Invention Seminar for Inventors

066: Turning Your Ideas Into Profitable Products with Brian Fried

So many of us walk through our everyday lives with great ideas about how things could be done better. Maybe you have an idea for a safer way to hold your hamburger when you’re driving, or perhaps you’ve envisioned a little tool that will automatically let you know when your in-laws are driving close to your neighborhood.
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International Home Housewares Show 2019

The International Housewares Association (IHA) is committed to maximizing the success of the home + housewares products industry.

Brian Fried in the news


Business Magazine

“You’ve come up with an invention idea at some point in your life. Look around Where are you? What do you see? What are you doing? What are other people doing? How they doing it and how can what you or they are doing be done better?…Or is it something completely new that you’ve come up with? So, when you do have that big idea moment what do you do next? Get very excited for a moment and know that there is some work to do to validate your idea and move forward.” – Brian Fried (Pg. 19)

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