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In this episode of The Growth Gear Podcast, host Tim Jordan is joined by Brian Fried, the Inventor Coach, for an in-depth discussion on the journey of transforming an idea into a market-ready product. With over 20 years of experience, Fried offers invaluable insights into the steps necessary for validating and commercializing an invention, shedding light on the common pitfalls that inventors face along the way.

Listeners will gain an understanding of the importance of thorough market research, the intricacies of patenting, and the decision-making process between licensing and manufacturing. The conversation also touches on the emotional and practical challenges of product development, providing listeners with a comprehensive guide on navigating the path from concept to commercial success.

Featuring real-life examples from Tim’s e-commerce ventures and Brian’s extensive career as an inventor and coach, this episode is packed with actionable advice for anyone looking to bring their product idea to life. Whether you’re a budding inventor or an established entrepreneur, this episode offers essential strategies for turning your innovative concepts into profitable ventures.

A conversation with Brian Fried, inventor coach and leader. Listen to our conversation about all things related to inventing such as NDAs, patents, and deciding whether or not your idea is worth pursuing.

Fireside Chat with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Brian Fried was recently interviewed during a fireside chat at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) Patent and Trademark Resource Center. Joined by Deputy Director Derrick Brent and Senior Advisor Detailee Anne Kozak, Brian shared expert insights on how to search through the patent database. Attendees also enjoyed a spectacular view of the solar eclipse from the USPTO Headquarters’ rooftop in Alexandria, VA.

Fireside Chat with the USPTO Commissioner of Patents

Brian hosted a Fireside Chat with the USPTO Commissioner of Patents, Vaishali Udupa, in New York City, along with members of National Inventor Club. Attendees learned about what happens behind the scenes as well as resources available for patented and future patent holders and inventors on their journey.
USPTO Commissioner of Patents

Speaker – Brian Fried

Brian Fried, known as “The Inventor Coach,” is a highly accomplished innovator, author, and speaker, boasting 15 patents under his name. He has effectively licensed and manufactured his inventions, gaining recognition through QVC, infomercials, catalogs, and major retailers. For over 18 years, Brian has served as a guiding force for inventors, offering personalized coaching as an invention licensing agent and assisting in the commercialization of ideas.

As a captivating speaker, Brian engages audiences with talks on innovation and invention, complemented by three authored books offering practical advice. Beyond speaking and writing, Brian is the visionary founder of the National Inventor Club, a community that fosters collaboration and networking opportunities for inventors worldwide, guiding them through the intricacies of the invention process and providing invaluable resources for success.

In October 2023, Brian unveiled his latest creation—the Inventor Smart Community app. This innovative social media and resource center, available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store, aims to create a vibrant community where inventors can connect, share ideas, and access valuable resources. Brian Fried’s dedication to empowering inventors is evident in his tireless efforts to provide accessible platforms for collaboration and knowledge sharing, ensuring that innovators worldwide can thrive.

Dear Inventors,

Embarking on the thrilling journey of bringing your invention from concept to market is a testament to your creativity and determination. As an inventor coach with over 18 years of experience, I’m here to guide you through the essential questions to ask service providers and introduce exciting resources that can make your inventive process even more rewarding.

Brian Fried will be a featured presence at the upcoming Inspired Home Show at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL, March 17-18, 2024. As he guides inventors through the product development journey, Mr. Fried will focus on forging strategic partnerships with potential licensees and established brands during the event. During the event, Brian will also collaborate with members of the National Inventor Club and the Inventor Smart Community app, as well as interview exhibitors for his acclaimed podcast, “Got Invention Show.” For inventors interested in connecting with Mr. Fried at the Inspired Home Show, or exploring representation opportunities for their products, book a time with Brian now.

Have a great idea for a product or invention but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. Today we are talking to Brian Fried of Inventor Smart, a fellow inventor himself, who is sharing all the steps to go from idea to invention.

In the realm of inventing, turning a brilliant idea into a successful product requires more than just creativity – it demands strategic planning, research, and a clear understanding of the market. From validating your idea and navigating the patent process to negotiating licensing deals, you have to jump through several hoops.

Brian Fried is a serial inventor and author with 15 patents to his name. Having developed, licensed, and manufactured several inventions successfully, he is familiar with the complexities of turning an idea into a business.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or a business enthusiast looking to turn your innovative idea into a successful venture? Join host Brian Fried, an invention expert and inventor coach, for an exciting and informative SCORE webinar featuring special guests who’ve experienced the thrill of the Shark Tank and emerged victorious!

Discover the rich history and intriguing facts about the USPTO, get the latest scoop on what’s happening now, explore invaluable inventor resources, and learn how to navigate the website effectively.

Brian currently filming new commercials for Inventor Smart Community app

Alibaba Co-Create 2023

Brian Fried will be a guest speaker at the Co-Create Event. Co-Create is an essential event for all business enthusiasts, B2B professionals, and industry experts, taking place September 7-8 in Las Vegas 
Network with top suppliers and 1,000+ like-minded peers to forge strategic partnerships and unlock limitless opportunities.

I’m excited to announce a free webinar from SCORE Mentors (program through the U.S. Small Business Administration) on protecting your intellectual property including patents, trademarks, copyrights and I’ll be sharing how I’ve utilized the USPTO US Patent and Trademark Office as an inventor and entrepreneur along with representatives directly from USPTO joining me to present the basics you need to know to protect your big ideas to thousands of small businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors!
Free RSVP ASAP for July 11th @ 1pm to receive the live streaming or replay info!
Click image to register, and excited for you to hear my presentation with Janet Gongola, Mariessa Terrell from USPTO.

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USPTO Study on Patent Pro Bono Program: Listening Session for Inventors

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a Federal Register Notice announcing a public listening session on June 5, 2023, 5:30-8:30 p.m. ET, in Alexandria, Virginia. The purpose is to seek feedback regarding the nationwide network of independently operated patent pro bono (free) programs.


As an inventor with issued patents, products licensed, manufactured and available in retailers today, 3x author including “Inventing Secrets Revealed” and most recently “How To Make Money With Your Invention”, host of Got Invention TV & Radio (, Founder regional inventors clubs and now National Inventor Club and on air guest for my inventions on QVC…

Brian Fried Guest Speaker at Bridge to i3!

Brian Fried will be a Guest Speaker at Bridge to i3!

Topic: Importance of IP & Pattenting

Brian Fried is KEYNOTE SPEAKER for the “Make it Happen Networking & Connecting” event

Known as “The Inventor Coach,” Brian Fried will take you on a journey through brainstorming on how to come up with an idea, researching if it’s an idea you can call your own, protecting your intellectual property, developing your idea into an invention, then turning it into a product, and commercializing it to be available for sale and now people are buying it and using it for the same reason you came up with it.

How To Turn Your Invention Idea Into a Business with Invention Expert Brian Fried

Have you come up with an invention idea and not sure what to do with it? You may have thought of something in the past, maybe you’re working on it now or perhaps in the future you’ll come up with an idea that could turn into your own business or you may license your idea to earn royalties! I will help you with these answers and get you ready to commercialize your invention!

Best of 2022! 10 Best Products from Amazon, Shark Tank, and More!

Brian’s paper towel topper made a YouTube influencers top 10 best products for 2022 with his paper towel topper invention! Over 713,000 followers here’s James White from his Freaking Reviews YouTube channel!

How to Turn Your Invention Into A Product and Bring it Market

All great products or inventions started as great ideas, but how do you go from an idea to production? How do you take that product and build a business to start earning royalties?

In this webinar, our expert inventor and business owner will teach you how to brainstorm ideas, protect your intellectual property, bring your idea to life and commercialize it for sale.

Faces of Long Island:

“I get my ideas from things that annoy me since that enables me to envision opportunities for improvements.”

“PillSpoonZ” is being manufactured and sold under the Inventor Smart family of products from Brian Fried…

“PillSpoonZ” is a revolutionary new patented product, designed with two different sized ends to make it EASY to pick up both large and small pills. Think about the effort you make to get one pill or vitamin out of the bottle. No more making a mess by pouring your pills out or dropping them into your unsanitary hands just to get one pill! This product is great for home or professional use.

Brian Fried sharing his "inventor life experiences" interviewed by US Patent & Trademark Office

The tables have turned where our usual Host Brian Fried is interviewed by a panel from US Patent and Trademark Office. Brian shares his experiences as an inventor, innovator and entrepreneur, taking things that ANNOY him and turning them into products for sale in mass distribution retails by licensing to earn royalties or manufacturing his products where he sells them directly.

How to Take Advantage of Tradeshows: An Inventor’s Guide

Tradeshows like the upcoming Brand Licensing Europe (BLE) in London in September or Licensing Expo in Las Vegas in May can serve as a launching pad for inventors, but in order to truly take off you need the right fuel.

Launch with Charlene Walters- Episode 19: Brian Fried

A conversation with Brian Fried- author and inventor coach. Listen to us talk about our books Launch Your Inner Entrepreneur (mine) and How to Make Money with Your Invention (Brian’s).

THE PROFIT EXPRESS: Presents Executing your billion dollar idea with Brian Fried

Great ideas are a dime a dozen. How many awesome products have never left the idea phase, all because of a lack of execution?

2022 World IP Day Celebration

World Intellectual Property Day is April 26, 2022 and LES has been at the forefront in promoting this event in the U.S. World Intellectual Property Day to learn about the role that intellectual property (IP) rights play in encouraging innovation and creativity.  This year’s theme focuses on IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future.

VINE welcome Brian Fried
Licensing vs Manufacturing and Starting Your Business

Licensing To Earn Royalties vs Manufacturing and Starting Your Business

Brian Fried is a serial inventor, Inventor Coach and sought-after celebrity guest speaker with multiple inventions sold at major retailers. He has been inventing for over 20 years, and he is the recipient of the prestigious Innovator of the Year award.

Episode 456: Brian Fried – How to Stress Test Your Big Ideas

In This Episode Of The Brand Doctor Podcast:
– When you come up with your next big idea, what do you do next?
– How to make sure you don’t execute on bad ideas
– How to validate your new product / service then scale it

Episode 16: Brian Fried – Invention Comprehension

Brian Fried is an inventor in the truest sense.
More than just a home-based (and commercially successful) tinkerer with a garage full of exciting contraptions, he has a real dedication to creating a better world – and a fully realized sense of human nature, which shines through in multiple efforts designed to help other inventors navigate the difficult commercialization process…

Long Island Entrepreneurs Bring Handmade Products to Market

“If people have one product, it’s difficult – but not impossible – to get it into a physical retail store,” Fried said. “Buyers prefer companies with product lines with multiple items, but they’re more willing to work with one product for online sales. Online retailers like,, and are always looking for new products – that’s what keeps consumers coming back to them. They look to entrepreneurs and innovators to come out with new products to offer to their customers, and they have really opened the door for inventors to sell online.”

Inventor Brian Fried - Speaker for US Patent & Trademark Office Innovation Outreach Program 2021

Brian Fried was a guest speaker during US Patent & Trademark Office’s Invention-Con program and shares advice on what to do when you have an invention and resources available to go through the steps of bringing your idea to reality and what are your options. He is also holds over a dozen patents and shares some of his inventions that made it to retail!

Celebrity Inventors: Brian Fried of the National Inventors Club On How To Go From Idea To Store Shelf

Drop the idea- Your idea is a business venture no matter how much time, money, energy and effort you put into it. Keep your eyes and ears open and know when to move on to your next idea, you’ll have plenty more ideas that will come to you!

Inventor Smart, Chief Invention Officer, Brian Fried, Launches The Paper Towel Topper to Promote Cleanliness Anywhere

The global pandemic has forced many to turn ideas into reality. Brian Fried, known as the Inventor Coach, is giving away the secrets to turning ideas into products with Inventor Class…

Anna & Raven Pitch Invention Ideas To Brian Fried From Inventor Smart!

Do you have a great idea for an invention? Anna and Raven have a whole bunch of ideas, and they think it’s gonna make them a lot of money! Brian Fried is the founder and CEO of, and he’s got some tips to help you turn your idea into the next big thing!
Brian connects and guides inventors to earn royalties from their inventions to licensees and brand properties looking for new ideas and intellectual property to expand existing or add to new product lines.
The National Inventor Club is an expansion of one of the country’s largest inventors and entrepreneurs clubs. Live sessions and virtual meetings offer a broader reach…

Invention Expert Brian Fried Offers Expertise Through Inventor Class Program

The global pandemic has forced many to turn ideas into reality. Brian Fried, known as the Inventor Coach, is giving away the secrets to turning ideas into products with Inventor Class…


Now more than ever, food contamination is something that can easily happen but can also be avoided.


Whether you’re working directly for a brand’s licensing operation or for an agency, you may receive a call or email from time to time from an inventor.


Are you patent-pending or looking to sell your idea? Maybe you are a novice just getting started or a seasoned inventor with a repertoire of brilliant inventions?

A Licensing Primer for Inventors

By Brian Fried, Inventor Liaison, Licensing International
Did you dream up and develop a great concept for a new tool, housewares product, novelty item, toy design, sport or exercise product? What now?

My Pull Ties Invention Celebrating 10 Years!

From QVC to various retailers including Walmart and now available in Home Goods, Home Sense, TJ Maxx and Marshalls!

Licensing International Introduces, Inventor Liaison - Brian Fried

We are happy to introduce our new Inventor Liaison, Brian Fried. Brian will act as a resource for the independent inventor and the licensing…

Inventor Showcase Long Island Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club In Farmingdale, NY

Brian Fried Organized an Inventor Showcase at his Long Island Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club in Farmingdale, NY with 20 inventors presenting their ideas to an audience of about 125 people.

Brian Fried is a guest judge on

Everyday Edisons

Everyday Edisons launching February 2020 on Amazon Prime. Stay tuned for which episode Brian will be reviewing 3 inventors products on the show!

Upcoming Events

APRIL 2020
Invention Summit in Las Vegas
January 15th, 2020
Brian Fried will be a guest on Inventor Show
January 25th, 2020
Philadelphia PA – PENN Museum Invention Seminar for Inventors

066: Turning Your Ideas Into Profitable Products with Brian Fried

So many of us walk through our everyday lives with great ideas about how things could be done better. Maybe you have an idea for a safer way to hold your hamburger when you’re driving, or perhaps you’ve envisioned a little tool that will automatically let you know when your in-laws are driving close to your neighborhood.

International Home Housewares Show 2019

The International Housewares Association (IHA) is committed to maximizing the success of the home + housewares products industry.

Brian Fried in the news


Business Magazine

“You’ve come up with an invention idea at some point in your life. Look around Where are you? What do you see? What are you doing? What are other people doing? How they doing it and how can what you or they are doing be done better?…Or is it something completely new that you’ve come up with? So, when you do have that big idea moment what do you do next? Get very excited for a moment and know that there is some work to do to validate your idea and move forward.” – Brian Fried (Pg. 19)

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