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Brian Fried Book - Inventor's Quick Startup
Brian is a highly ranked Author of Invention Books: Author of 3 published books currently available in all bookstores online and nationwide. A resource guide for innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs called “You & Your Big Ideas”(2008)​ and “Inventing Secrets Revealed” (2016)
Brian Fried Book - Inventor's Quick Startup

Become a Successful Inventor

How to Make Money with Your Invention Idea: An Inventor's Quick Startup Guide

This book is about taking action so you can take that great idea out of your head and make smart decisions to help you make money. Here’s how it works:

We’re going to walk through the steps of getting started with your big idea.
We’ll also explore how to turn your idea into a real prototype.
We’ll discover resources to protect your ideas and, of course, help plan your future. 

Inventing Secrets Revealed (Book)

Guidance From a Successful Inventor to Make Your Ideas a Reality

How to start an invention

Once you come up with your invention idea, you feel that rush of excitement and then the questions that go through your head: What do I do now? Who should I tell? Where do I go for help? How much money do I need? How can everyone in America find out about my invention and buy it so I can become the next millionaire inventor? You will find your answers in Inventing Secrets Revealed. Prolific inventor Brian Fried has reached levels of success as an inventor, consultant and licensing agent and has compiled his personal experiences, real life examples, insights and trends on his journey in the invention industry into the book. This inventor’s resource guide is filled with answers on how to protect, develop and succeed and discusses the challenges of moving forward or moving on with your idea. From patents, prototypes, licensing and manufacturing, how to pitch your idea, market and seeing your invention ideas turned into a product for mass retail, TV, catalogs, shopping channels and web, take your time and navigate through the easy to read and understand content of Inventing Secrets Revealed. If you have an idea that’s on your mind, write it down, make it real, right now. P.S. Congratulations on following your dream!

You & Your Big Ideas! (Book)

A Resource Guide for Inventors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs

You and Your Big Ideas! is all about you. Each chapter contains valuable information and advice that will allow you to achieve your goals sooner rather than later and at much less cost (emotional and financial) to you.

Inventor Class
(Online Courses)

The Complete Online Invention E-Learning Course Now Available for Inventors!

Online eLearning course for inventors and innovators!