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Licensing To Earn Royalties vs Manufacturing and Starting Your Business

Brian Fried is a serial inventor, Inventor Coach and sought-after celebrity guest speaker with multiple inventions sold at major retailers. He has been inventing for over 20 years, and he is the recipient of the prestigious Innovator of the Year award.

Brian Fried has been helping other inventors realize their dreams with advice about product development for more than 15 years. He also represents inventors as a licensing agent to secure deals. Through his virtual Learn How to Make Money with Your Invention course, he presents a step-by-step process to show inventors how to bring their ideas from inception through licensing or manufacturing.

Brian Fried is the Founder and President of the National Inventor Club, one of the largest in the nation. Guest speakers focus on patents, trademarks and copyrights; crowdfunding; prototyping; manufacturing; and licensing in various industries.

He has been featured in media including the New York Times, Inc. Magazine, Inventors Digest, CBS News and Nicole Richie’s Candidly Nicole VHI show and has been a guest judge and host for various TV shows and pilots. He is a regular guest speaker at major trade shows, schools and the US Patent & Trademark Office. Brian Fried was an on-air guest on QVC representing his own inventions and those of others.

As host of Got Invention Radio, he interviewed over 150 high profile, successful inventors, and resources including Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner and representatives of the US Patent and Trademark Office. His Got Invention Show is seen on RokuTV, Amazon Fire and Apple TV, and his podcasts are heard on iHeartRadio, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts. Brian is the author of several books, including You and Your Big Ideas, Inventing Secrets Revealed and in 2022, Inventor’s Quick Startup Guide will be released.

Brian Fried is the Chief Invention Officer of Inventor Smart for resources and guidance through the invention process.

Learn more about becoming a successful inventor at, and show the world you are an inventor with merchandise from Check out Brian Fried’s latest inventions and schedule a call with Brian at, and connect with Brian on LinkedIn by visiting


Virginia Innovators Network is a not for profit, educational organization. We exist to support innovative Virginians who are pursuing bringing their unique products and services to market. There is NO CHARGE to attend VINE monthly meetings — Thank you to our generous sponsors who make the pizza, water, & beer possible. Our sponsors are Spark Product Development ( and Patent Law of Virginia, PLLC (

Our primary approach to providing this support is through membership meetings. These meetings serve two purposes: networking and education. Aspiring entrepreneurs have the ability to meet inventors and entrepreneurs who have successfully launched unique goods and services or professionals with subject matter expertise that is pertinent to launching of these products and services. The speakers at the meetings have direct expertise in one or more of the areas related to bringing ideas to market.

In addition to the meetings, our website contains references and information to help the innovator research and make appropriate contacts with subject matter experts.

VINE generally meets on the 2nd Monday of every month. Our meetings start with general networking and free pizza at 5:30, followed by a brief VINE business meeting from 6:00 to 6:15. Typically, our speakers will present from 6:15 to 7:30. Following the presentation, there is time allowed for individual questions and/or additional networking.

VINE attracts top regional and national speakers who provide meaningful content to our meeting attendees.

VINE Members will have the opportunity at each meeting to share news about their invention/product if desired and if appropriate. Members will also have the opportunity at each meeting to give a 45 second (MAX) “elevator speech” to get feedback (feedback to be given after speaker).

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