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“I know where to go and how to get things done, and that’s an advantage I can pass to you so you don’t have to waste time, money and energy.”


Brian Fried is a serial inventor with many of his inventions reaching mass retail, As Seen On TV, home shopping channels, catalogs, and online retailers through licensing and manufacturing.

Brian mentors and represents individual inventors to celebrities at all stages of the invention process, providing feedback, product design process, product development process steps, licensing representation and turnkey solutions to make invention ideas a reality.
He is considered an authority and advocate for inventors within the invention community.

Brian has been requested as a guest speaker on innovation and invention at major trade shows, government agencies, schools and libraries throughout the country.
He recently received the Innovator of the Year Award on Long Island and Proclamation from the County Executive.

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Brian Fried is… – President and Chief Invention Officer

Brian and his expert invention team are available to provide turn key solutions from product evaluation and honest feedback, patent and trademark protection, product development, 3D engineering drawings, prototyping, manufacturing of plastic, metal, wood, electronics, cut and sew inventions domestic and overseas, packaging design, video and website creation to handling licensing opportunities with major industry leaders representing your invention for potential distribution in major big box retailers, As Seen On TV, home shopping channels, catalogs and online retailers.
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Author / Invention Content Expert Writer

Brian is a highly ranked Author of Invention Books: Author of two published books currently available in all bookstores online and nationwide. A resource guide for innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs called “You & Your Big Ideas”(2008)​ and “Inventing Secrets Revealed” (2016). Brian was named Content Expert Writer for in the Invent Category and actively publishes articles on

Invention Expert Speaker / TV Personality

Brian has been requested as an expert inventor and guest speaker on TV shows,news networks and moderator at industry trade shows, government agencies, schools and libraries throughout the country representing inventors and their inventions. Topics include: “How to Bring an Idea to Reality” and “How to Build a Business with Your invention” or proudly pitching his own inventions and other inventors products.

Inventors Club Founder / Volunteer President

Brian founded and continues to volunteer as President of Inventors & Entrepreneurs Clubs on Long Island with local Government County Officials connecting resources for inventors and successful inventors to help fulfill the passion of bringing an invention idea to reality. Meeting topics include: navigating through the invention process,protecting ideas, making prototypes, manufacturing and presenting for licensing opportunities and more.

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Brian founded a company called Inventor Smart and has a dedicated team ready to help you with your idea!

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What others say about Brian

Brian has helped me over the years when needed guidance with Invention help and Patent advice. Most recently, he helped me with the Paperwork for my Trademark application.

I’m happy to say Forensic Fog Technology is now registered and awaiting final approval! And I saved money, too! You’ll find Brian will go the extra mile and even help you nights and weekends if need be.

– Douglass W

“Brian has provided many services to my clients interested in
commercializing their invention ideas. He is an expert consultant in
the fields of viability studies, market research, intellectual
property protection, licensing, marketing, and many other aspects of
bringing new products into the market.”

– Walter Reid, Advisor, Small Business Development Center, a division of
the Small Business Administration

Brian is intelligent, has a positive attitude, teamwork mentality and excellent communication skills. He is easy to work and trustworthy.

Throughout the time my husband and I have known him, he has shown himself to be a motivated leader and amazing mentor​

– Cindita C.

“Brian is highly skilled and knowledgeable in all areas relating to
the development of new inventions. He is uniquely experienced with the
challenging tasks associated with bringing new products to life and
successfully placing them in the marketplace to maximize their
profitability. In addition, Brian continues to dedicate a material
portion of his personal time to assist many inventors and
entrepreneurs looking to expand their knowledge of the invention and
product development process.”

– Tom R, Senior Level Executive

Brian is a smart, savvy and good to know guy in the inventing world.
His connections and experience are invaluable. I have worked with
Brian on a few of my inventions, and he has come through with great
tips, insight as well as resources. I recommend Brian highly for any
inventor who seeks tips, a pitchman and resources.

– Peter W., Chief Creative

Inventor, Coach, Speaker, Father, Husband

Brian Fried is a serial inventor with many of his inventions reaching mass retail, As Seen On TV, home shopping channels, catalogs and online retailers through licensing and manufacturing.

How to Get Help with an Invention Idea?

He is also a proud husband and father, and he wants to help you make your idea successful!

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