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My Inventions

At Mass Retailers

“It’s the greatest feeling to have your invention idea, turned product, for sale to the public and being used just like you envisioned it! I am proud to have many of my inventions featured on As Seen on TV Informercials, also found in major retail stores, Home Shopping Channels, catalogs, online retailers and other distribution channels.”
– Brian Fried
My Products Featured In:



This invention was created out of the frustration of closing up plastic bags, such as cereal and bread bags always being left open in the kitchen, resulting in stale food that my family would have to throw away.
Knot Out
Shogun Steamer
Eggstra Space
Paper Line Maker
Eggstra Space on QVC
Pull Ties on QVC
“Picture Perfect” Multi-Measure Tape

Another Invention From Brian

Paper Towel Topper

The Paper Towel Topper - Latest Commercial!

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