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National Inventor Club Launches Virtual Platform for Inventors and Entrepreneurs to Collaborate, Network, and Connect

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The National Inventor Club is an expansion of one of the country’s largest inventors and entrepreneurs clubs. Live sessions and virtual meetings offer a broader reach for those looking to gain insight, access to resources, and guidance from experts in the field.

NEW YORK, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Coming up with a brilliant idea comes with its set of challenges, especially when trying to take an invention to market. The National Inventor Club was founded for like-minded inventors at all stages of their invention ideas. Inventor Coach Brian Fried founded this community to create a space for inventors to connect, collaborate, and network with each other to reach higher levels of success.

“2020 was a challenging year for inventors and entrepreneurs clubs nationally,” said Fried, “and we had to change the way we came together to collaborate and network. This will be a great year ahead, and I am excited about taking my regional club to a national level, now online with great people to help and support the cause.”

The Creation of the National Inventor Club
Fried started attending his first professional inventors club on Long Island, NY, around the year 2000 before deciding to start his networking group for entrepreneurs and inventors to achieve success. His search led him to a group active through the Economic Development Department of Wisconsin’s State Government.

Fried proposed the same model as Wisconsin’s group to his local county office in Suffolk County, Long Island N.Y. in 2007 and was approved by the County Executive to start the Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club of Suffolk County. He then founded and began running the neighboring Nassau County club separately for over 12 years, then merged in 2018 and formed one of the country’s largest inventors clubs, Long Island Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club, with the help of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Farmingdale, N.Y., a division of the Small Business Administration (SBA). In the last 14 years, the Inventors and Entrepreneurs Clubs have gathered over 12,000 people.

The National Inventor Club has a great line up of guests set for 2021. Members will be able to participate in the forum to collaborate and ask questions. The organization is offering the first meeting, which features the inventor of the cellular phone Martin Cooper, for free.

The membership packages offered are named after some of America’s most notable historic inventors – Benjamin Franklin (Basic Package), Thomas Edison (Premium Package), and Alexander Graham Bell (Service Providers).

Membership Features Include (varied by package):
–  An interactive community forum
–  Access to the directory for inventors and service providers for inventors
–  Advertisement opportunities for patent and new product announcements and service providers
–  Inventor Spotlight area for invention recognition
–  Access to industry resources, helpful articles, and updates on upcoming tradeshows
–  Timely information from the USPTO and inventor industry though our liaison from PTRC (Patent
and Trademark Resource Centers, a division of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO)
–  Invention Showcase and networking events

About Brian Fried
Fried’s expertise comes with over 15 years of experience as a mentor to inventors, including celebrities. He is the author of Inventing Secrets Revealed and You & Your Big Ideas. A thought-leader of the industry, Fried has been featured with products on As Seen On TV, home shopping channels, catalogs, and online retailers through licensing and manufacturing. As president of his consultancy Inventor Smart, Fried aids clients through constructive feedback, product development, and more to help bring their ideas to market. He has presented his expertise at the 2019 National Hardware Show, The Inspired Home Show, and the 2018 Invention-Con hosted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

To sign up for a membership, visit