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Brian Fried

Inventor . Speaker . Coach
Author . Entrepreneur . Radio/TV Host

“I know where to go and how to get things done, and that’s an advantage I can pass to you so don’t have to waste time, money and energy.”
– Brian Fried

Invention Expert Speaker / TV Personality

Brian has been requested as an expert inventor and guest speaker on TV shows, news networks and moderator at industry trade shows, government agencies, schools and libraries throughout the country representing inventors and their inventions. Topics include: “How to Bring an Idea to Reality” and “How to Build a Business with Your invention” or proudly pitching his own inventions and other inventors products.

Inventor Coach/CONSULTANT & invention licensing Agent

Inventor Coach Brian Fried mentors and represents “individual inventors” to “Celebrities” at all stages of the invention process.

When you schedule a call with Brian, he will want to understand what you’ve done so far, is the idea just in your head or do you have a prototype, patent or other steps you’ve worked on and he will want to know where you want to go… and if you’re not sure, he will help you to figure that out! Brian will help you to evaluate your window of opportunity with your idea, if you’re looking to licensing to earn royalties or possibly manufacturing your invention into a product and you as an entrepreneur. 

Any of the steps along the way, Brian has built relationships with patent searchers, patent agents and attorneys, prototypers, engineers, product designers, packaging mockups, manufacturers domestically and overseas and connections in many industries for potential licensing opportunities to get you where you want to go, but most importantly Brian will be very direct, outlining expectations and help you to make better decisions. He offers one on one consultations with a free call to discuss how he can help you and offers paid sessions on video and voice calls. Schedule your call when you’re ready to keep moving forward with your invention ideas.

Coach Brian Fried President and Chief Invention Officer

Brian and his expert invention team are available to provide turn key solutions from product evaluation and honest feedback, patent and trademark protection, product development, 3D engineering drawings, prototyping, manufacturing of plastic, metal, wood, electronics, out and sew inventions domestic and overseas, packaging design, video and website creation to handling licensing opportunities with major industry leaders representing your invention for potential distribution in major big box retailers, As Seen On TV, home shopping channels, catalogs and online retailers.

Author / Invention & Innovation Content Expert Writer

Brian is a highly ranked Author of Invention Books: Author of two published books currently available in all bookstores online and nationwide. His third book is at the publisher expecting to launch in March of 2022 called Inventor’s Quick Startup Guide. Other titles include, a resource guide for innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs called “You & Your Big Ideas” (2008) and “Inventing Secrets Revealed” (2016). Brian was named Content Expert Writer for in the Invent Category and actively publishes articles on

Brian Fried Got Invention Show and Got Invention Radio


In 2009, Brian started an online podcast for inventors with invention ideas called Got Invention Radio, interviewing resources for inventors and successful inventors. Some of his guests included Lori Greiner from Shark Tank, Hasbro, Legal Zoom, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, US Patent & Trademark Office, the inventor of the Cell Phone, the inventor of the Jenga and more than 150 interviews.

In 2021 Brian launched the Got Invention Show, where he hosts everyday inventors that are looking for media opportunities to promote their inventions at the prototype or finished product now available for sale stages. The show was recently picked up by a network that runs his show on RokuTV, Amazon Fire, YouTube TV and the podcast version of the interview can be listened to on iHeartRadio, Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music with a potential audience reach of over 100 million people.  

Father & Husband

Brian Fried is also a proud husband and father living in Long Island, NY.

“I love inspiring kids to have the mindset and awareness of envisioning new ideas and inventions, problem-solutions. While my daughter Alana was a growing up, she would have her invention notebook with actually so many great ideas, and most were already out there! I told her whatever she would come up with, even though its already been invented I would buy it for her until… she took it to the next level when she told me she invented the ipad when she wanted an ipad!” Brian  

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