Brian Fried

Inventor . Speaker . Coach
Author . Radio Host

“I know where to go and how to get things done, and that’s an advantage I can pass to you so don’t have to waster time, money and energy.”
– Brian Fried

Invention Expert Speaker / TV Personality

Brian has been requested as an expert inventor and guest speaker on TV shows, news networks and moderator at industry trade shows, government agencies, schools and libraries throughout the country representing inventors and their inventions. Topics include: “How to Bring an Idea to Reality” and “How to Build a Business with Your invention” or proudly pitching his own inventions and other inventors products. President and Chief Invention Officer

Brian and his expert invention team are available to provide turn key solutions from product evaluation and honest feedback, patent and trademark protection, product development, 3D engineering drawings, prototyping, manufacturing of plastic, metal, wood, electronics, out and sew inventions domestic and overseas, packaging design, video and website creation to handling licensing opportunities with major industry leaders representing your invention for potential distribution in major big box retailers, As Seen On TV, home shopping channels, catalogs and online retailers.

Author / Invention
Content Expert Writer

Brian is a highly ranked Author of Invention Books: Author of two published books currently available in all bookstores online and nationwide. A resource guide for innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs called “You & Your Big Ideas” (2008) and “Inventing Secrets Revealed” (2016). Brian was named Content Expert Writer for in the Invent Category and actively publishes articles on


In 2009, Brian started an online podcast for inventors with invention ideas called Got Invention Radio, interviewing resources for inventors and successful inventors. Some of his guests included Lori Greiner from Shark Tank, Hasbro, Legal Zoom, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, US Patent & Trademark Office, the inventor of the Cell Phone, the inventor of the Jenga and more than 150 interviews.

Father & Husband

Brian Fried is also a proud husband and father, and he wants to help you make your idea successful!

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