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Brian Speaking

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Looking for a keynote speaker at your next event? Book Brian Fried, a distinguished inventor, entrepreneur, three-time author and mentor. With over 15 patents to his name and a suite of enterprises dedicated to empowering inventors worldwide, Brian brings invaluable expertise to the stage.

Speaking Topics

  • Bringing an Idea to Life: How to bring an idea to fruition
  • Entrepreneurial Insights: How to build a business with your invention
  • Overcoming Obstacles: Insights into the challenges of navigating the invention process
  • Proven Success: Hear Brian’s inspiring journey as a distinguished inventor and entrepreneur
  • Pitching: Learn more about Brian’s successful inventions, as well as the products of other inventors he represents
Brian Speaking

With over 18 years of industry experience and placement in mass retailers such as Walmart and Target, attendees will benefit greatly from Brian’s expertise. Not only will Brian offer insights into his own trials and successes, but his passion for demystifying the invention process will inspire your audience to pursue their own creative ventures.

Inspire Innovation in the Workplace

For corporate engagements, Brian specializes in inspiring innovation within the workplace. His presentations focus on analyzing existing workflows to identify opportunities for improvement, approaching challenges from a problem-solving standpoint, and enhancing efficiency. Brian’s real-life experiences as an inventor offer practical insights that resonate with audiences, motivating employees to embrace creativity and drive positive change within their organizations.

Whether your event is geared towards entrepreneurs, inventors or corporate teams seeking innovation, Brian delivers engaging and informative presentations that leave a lasting impact.

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