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When you come up with that big idea there may be questions you need help with you may feel like you just hit a brick wall. You will be connecting with many resources along the way. Let Brian Fried be your Inventor Coach and keep you moving forward for your best shot of success!
“The Inventor Coach!” – Inventors Eye (USPTO.GOV)

This is an ACTUAL CONSULTATION and not a sales pitch for only $198!

“I will provide a complimentary Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for us to sign. Next we will figure out what you have done so far and then provide you with feedback, brainstorming and evaluating the window of opportunity for possibilities of success. Do you have the money to start your own business manufacturing your invention? Do you want to earn royalties, renting the rights to your intellectual property and allowing a manufacturer with distribution take over for you? Some inventions can be done on a shoestring budget and others may be more complex but we will figure out what it will take for your best shot of success. Schedule a call with me and let’s discuss how I can help you.” – Brian Fried, Inventor Coach

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